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Melbourne City Night photography

Night photography in Melbourne City has been something I have wanted to get started for a while. These are just the beginning of a series of night photography shot in Melbourne City CBD. Shot as 22 MegaPixel High Dynamic Range. Here are a few images from what may be a new series that shows the lanes and historic buildings in CBD of Melbourne.

For sale now online is an image of Young and Jacksons (Princes Arms Hotel) and Flinders Street Station on the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets.


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Moving into Big studio

The Big Trousers office in Essex Street has been creaking at the seams for a while and so with it’s sale comes the opportunity to stretch out in the new warehouse conversion in Seddon.

The Green screen studio will be a fantastic opportunity and save my back from having to carry all that lighting equipment to the rental studio.

[googlemap lat=”-37.804261″ lng=”144.894998″ yaw=”64.45″ pitch=”-16.98″ zoom=”0″ width=”544px” height=”350px” align=”undefined” type=”STREETVIEW”]Seddon VIC 3011, Australia[/googlemap]