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CFA uses HDR image for Powerline illustration


The Country Fire Authority has chosen an image I shot a while ago to illustrate the dangers involved in letting trees grow near powerlines.

Just a quick shot whist on assignment and a single frame HDR conversion. Photomatix normally does very odd things to power lines against a sky and this is no exception.

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HD video up a tree


I have been working with Treelogic for quite a few years now producing images for their website and yearly printed calendar. Recently in an effort to raise awareness for their new service branded Logical Tree Management I shot a little HD video with the DSLR.

It describes the process of getting up a tree and the methods employed to asses the safety of a 40 m tall Mahogany Gum. During the shoot I figured one of the guys should pull the camera up by a rope and shoot some from the height of the job. So I didn’t explain that the DSLR would need to be focused manually when pointed away from the close detail focus I had preset it to but still it was at an impressive height and a dramatic angle overlooking the fairway.

Shot in 1080p Full High Definition on the Canon 5D Mk II the clarity is a pleasant change. Audio was a little difficult with on-camera Rhode Video Mic but I am experimenting with a boom mic for our next assignment.

I have to say Mick Tracy did a great job with a wide angle lens stuck very close to his face even if I had to edit out his occasional stumble. Future work along these lines may be advanced visually through the use of a Jib of some sort and I am currently trying to choose between the Kessler Pocket Jib and their KC Lite.

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Churchyard in Tasmania revisited

HDR has taken me on a journey and now I have been messing around with some textured layering in Photoshop. I have always liked that “Old Master” canvas look where old oil goes a sort of crackled sheen. I recently started uploading some images at RedBubble just to give some other options for reproduction and I found a few images from some local photographers. I was inspired to go ahead with some test.

Thanks go to Heather Hartkamp in Geelong. Have a look at some of her work from around Geelong. This image of a tree “Dog Rocks” got me started and although I am not up to Heathers standard with Photoshop yet I thought I might post an image I have attempted.

This is a little church graveyard on the road to St Marys in Tasmania. I was looking at these clouds whilst driving and stopped at every possible building as it grew and changed. Finally I came across this old place with a bit of foreground. This was shot in three bracketed exposures and a 16 bit HDR made with Photomatix Aperture plugin. Then with 4 layers in photoshop with overly complex settings I arrived at this result. The good thing is it prints up just as I wanted.

Time to start all over and shoot some more work with this effect in mind.

This print available from RedBubble.

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Kilcunda rocks, looks like an elephant

I shot the beach cliffs near Kilcunda where the Bourne Creek meets the sea and later realized that this rock formation looked remarkably like an elephant. I have made a few large prints of this shot and the effect is even more staggering. Could be an ink splotch thing I know but you tell me, can you see it?


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Kilcunda trestle bridge

117 km southeast from Melbourne on the Bass Highway lies the small town of Kilcunda. There is a great ocean view from the main road and the old trestle bridge over Bourne Creek make it a wonderful landscape to spend a few hours.
These 4 images are the initial trial images from the shoot a few days ago. As the sun went down it started to rain lightly and so a warm fuzz appeared in the sky as the light went yellow. Everything was wet and all the grasses had had a good year. The mosquitoes had me for dinner but I did get a range of angles and light. Not sure yet which image will go to print. The High Dynamic Range processing takes quite a while to refine and so I will trial some prints in the meantime. The actual light was extremely strong red and is taking a bit of work to manage as it tends to look a little unreal.