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Erskine Falls near Lorne on the Great Ocean Road, Victorian South West coast

Erskine Falls near Lorne on the Great Ocean Road, Victorian South West coast.

This is the second time I have attempted to shoot Erskine Falls and this time we had water and after a damp season we also had some foliage growth and even a fair bit of moss around the place.

Two versions are available now as pano prints and one may even get into a frame for display at StKilda this week.

Erskine Falls is one of the best known waterfalls of the Otway Ranges and is certainly among the most visited. At 30m, the falls are the highest single drop of all the otway waterfalls, and will not disappoint visitors even in the summer months when there is little water cascading over it’s impressive rock face and into the picturesque pool below.
Large visitor numbers are due not only to the impressive nature of the falls, but also due to its close proximity to Lorne, one of the main tourist centres of the Great Ocean Road.


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Melbourne City Night photography

Night photography in Melbourne City has been something I have wanted to get started for a while. These are just the beginning of a series of night photography shot in Melbourne City CBD. Shot as 22 MegaPixel High Dynamic Range. Here are a few images from what may be a new series that shows the lanes and historic buildings in CBD of Melbourne.

For sale now online is an image of Young and Jacksons (Princes Arms Hotel) and Flinders Street Station on the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets.


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CFA uses HDR image for Powerline illustration


The Country Fire Authority has chosen an image I shot a while ago to illustrate the dangers involved in letting trees grow near powerlines.

Just a quick shot whist on assignment and a single frame HDR conversion. Photomatix normally does very odd things to power lines against a sky and this is no exception.

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Churchyard in Tasmania revisited

HDR has taken me on a journey and now I have been messing around with some textured layering in Photoshop. I have always liked that “Old Master” canvas look where old oil goes a sort of crackled sheen. I recently started uploading some images at RedBubble just to give some other options for reproduction and I found a few images from some local photographers. I was inspired to go ahead with some test.

Thanks go to Heather Hartkamp in Geelong. Have a look at some of her work from around Geelong. This image of a tree “Dog Rocks” got me started and although I am not up to Heathers standard with Photoshop yet I thought I might post an image I have attempted.

This is a little church graveyard on the road to St Marys in Tasmania. I was looking at these clouds whilst driving and stopped at every possible building as it grew and changed. Finally I came across this old place with a bit of foreground. This was shot in three bracketed exposures and a 16 bit HDR made with Photomatix Aperture plugin. Then with 4 layers in photoshop with overly complex settings I arrived at this result. The good thing is it prints up just as I wanted.

Time to start all over and shoot some more work with this effect in mind.

This print available from RedBubble.

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Kilcunda rocks, looks like an elephant

I shot the beach cliffs near Kilcunda where the Bourne Creek meets the sea and later realized that this rock formation looked remarkably like an elephant. I have made a few large prints of this shot and the effect is even more staggering. Could be an ink splotch thing I know but you tell me, can you see it?