Mt Buffalo



View from the lookout beneath The Mt Buffalo Chalet, Central Victoria.
Digital sepia mix from original scanned 6X6 black and white negative.

Mount Buffalo is a mountain plateau in Victoria (Australia), 200 km northeast of Melbourne. It is one of the oldest parks in the Australian Alps, being first established in 1898 when 1165 ha was reserved around Eurobin Falls. In 1908 it was expanded to over 105 km² and the park now covers 310 km² over the plateau and foothills of Mount Buffalo.
Mount Buffalo is a moderately tall mountain plateau (elev 1723 metres AHD at its highest point) on the west side of the Victoria Alpine region. The top of the mountain has striking granite boulders and rock formations. From the north, the mountain is quite remarkable, with the highest accessible point being a prominent peak called The Horn. A walking track leads to The Horn and visitors can enjoy a 360 degree view from the top.

Mt Buffalo Chalet has been closed since 2007, with the ageing building unoccupied and decaying. With the loss of Marylands in Marysville in the 2009 fires, the heritage-listed Chalet remains one the last remaining examples of the early Chalet-style public buildings in Australia.

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