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HD video system near complete

I have been sorting out the Canon 5D Mk11 so that I can get it to work for video that I want to shoot.
At the moment it is nearly there but the look if the image is interesting to say the least. The Zacuto Z-Finder helps a lot as does the new Firmware that allows 24 / 25 fps. Also a follow focus has given some hope that this will eventually be a terrific camera.
Just need a good tripod that works well for this rig.

4 thoughts on “HD video system near complete

  1. Holy Smoke Phil… thats impressive resolution… it always cracks me up though when ppl say ALL DSLR’s will be HD soon… yup they will… and has everyone got their video capable Manfrotto tripods ready ? Total pain in the backside… but without it you won’t be shooting anything worthwhile. Well – you might, be but they won’t be.

  2. There are quite a few people getting all the gear together, both professional and consumer. It is a boom industry for gear manufacturers at the moment.
    I did find a $1500 manfrotto bowl tripod on eBay and got it for $500.

  3. Yup… thats what I thought… My Manfrotto is about… crikey… not sure how old… but its perfect… mind you yours sounds perfect’er.

    Bet you are looking forward to WPress 3.. .:) looks good ! g

  4. Everyone else keeps borrowing my gear so I have been unable to use the new tripod yet.
    WordPress 3 does look good, we already use the custom menu system built by Woo Themes. It is now part of the new WordPress backend

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