Dove Lake Cradle Mountain


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Dove Lake Cradle Mountain. From the boat ramp at Dove Lake this one was shot very early dawn. This shot is a tone mapped image made from 3 exposures on a Canon 5D. A High dynamic range image can take in and allow the image to show detail in the shadows and highlights. This is the perfect technique to shoot this type of landscape as the sun comes up on a clear sky day. This image was taken in January 2009

Located on Dove Lake Rd, Cradle Mountain TASMANIA  7306 From Wikipedia

Dove Lake is a corrie lake near Cradle Mountain in the central highlands region of Tasmania, Australia. It lies in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. The lake is a very popular visitor attraction and is encircled by well maintained walking paths which also lead up onto Cradle Mountain. It was named by prominent local Gustav Weindorfer after an official of the Van Diemen’s Land Company.[4]

Like several other lakes in the region, Lake Dove was formed by glaciation. The habitat is unique and includes the Tasmanian deciduous beech (Nothofagus gunnii), tussock grasses, snow gums and pencil pines. Among animals wandering the shores of the lake are numerous wombats, echidnas, pademelons and tiger snakes.

High Dynamic Range tone mapped image from 12 Mega Pixel digital file Canon 5D.

Image size for download is 4372 px X 2906 px as TIFF or JPEG file.