Heritage listed Bristle Tipped Oak Darling Square


Product Description

Heritage listed Bristle Tipped Oak Darling Square (Quercus acutissima) in public park land in East Melbourne. This image is of a heritage listed Oak in East Melbourne. Often referred to as a Japanese Chestnut Oak these are quite rare the oldest being a specimen located in Mayday Hills parkland in Albert Road Beechworth.

Mayday Hills is a former asylum built in 1864-1867, and operating until circa 1995 before becoming a campus for Latrobe University.
The gardens were laid out after 1864 but substantially altered in 1913 and again over the years since. The site has an excellent succession plan and trees have been continually added over the decades. Many rare tree species were added in the 1970s and 80s by head gardener, Colin Gladstone. Mayday Hills has become one of the best collections of trees in Victoria.

High Dynamic Range tone mapped image from 22 Mega Pixel digital file canon 5D MK2.

This image was taken in November 2010

Image size for download is 5616 px X 2653 px as TIFF or JPEG file.