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Erskine Falls near Lorne on the Great Ocean Road, Victorian South West coast

Erskine Falls near Lorne on the Great Ocean Road, Victorian South West coast.

This is the second time I have attempted to shoot Erskine Falls and this time we had water and after a damp season we also had some foliage growth and even a fair bit of moss around the place.

Two versions are available now as pano prints and one may even get into a frame for display at StKilda this week.

Erskine Falls is one of the best known waterfalls of the Otway Ranges and is certainly among the most visited. At 30m, the falls are the highest single drop of all the otway waterfalls, and will not disappoint visitors even in the summer months when there is little water cascading over it’s impressive rock face and into the picturesque pool below.
Large visitor numbers are due not only to the impressive nature of the falls, but also due to its close proximity to Lorne, one of the main tourist centres of the Great Ocean Road.


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Kilcunda rocks, looks like an elephant

I shot the beach cliffs near Kilcunda where the Bourne Creek meets the sea and later realized that this rock formation looked remarkably like an elephant. I have made a few large prints of this shot and the effect is even more staggering. Could be an ink splotch thing I know but you tell me, can you see it?


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Kilcunda trestle bridge

117 km southeast from Melbourne on the Bass Highway lies the small town of Kilcunda. There is a great ocean view from the main road and the old trestle bridge over Bourne Creek make it a wonderful landscape to spend a few hours.
These 4 images are the initial trial images from the shoot a few days ago. As the sun went down it started to rain lightly and so a warm fuzz appeared in the sky as the light went yellow. Everything was wet and all the grasses had had a good year. The mosquitoes had me for dinner but I did get a range of angles and light. Not sure yet which image will go to print. The High Dynamic Range processing takes quite a while to refine and so I will trial some prints in the meantime. The actual light was extremely strong red and is taking a bit of work to manage as it tends to look a little unreal.

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The Pinnacles, Phillip Island Cape Woolamai

Last weeks shoot.
I would never have believed that there such a dramatic landscape so close the Melbourne. I had visited some 20 years ago but had forgotten this location.

After two trips down the coastal track on mountain bikes I had around 300 frames to edit. Shot for HDR conversion I was attempting the “big” seascape type of shot with a big sky. Conditions were good but the sky was impressive for only a short time. I will work with the remaining images next week and eventually settle on a few for the production line and online shop.

Thanks to Marshall and Luie for accompanying me on the dark trip back after sunset.


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Tynwald, Willow Bend Estate, New Norfolk

Thanks again to Gary and Pat from Willow Bend Estate ‘Tynwald’ who looked after Luie and I on the last night of our trip. This is a great place to stay or just book a meal in the restaurant.

To quote their information, “Tynwald sits on 40 riverfront acres, and was built early in 1830 by John and Martha Terry as a celebration of success in the flour milling industry. Much of its Victorian charm comes from a later owner the politician William Moore in the 1890’s. He added the central tower, the lacework verandas and wide bay windows over-looking the views and garden.”

Had to take some shots of the place and post here.

[googlemap lat=”-42.77564501543484″ lng=”147.0769089460373″ align=”undefined” width=”544px” height=”350px” zoom=”15″ type=”G_SATELLITE_MAP”]-42.775645,147.076909[/googlemap]