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Images of Tasmania

For those following the Twitter feed it will come as no surprise that a new set of images from Tasmania is stating to appear as printed items as well as online in the Flickr feed.

After a trip to Tassie with my son Luie last week  I have been going through shots taken to produce images suitable for framing. Dawn shots from Cradle Mountain and Liffey Falls will be the first to appear for sale online. These two are currently being produced as 900mm wide images on Cotton Rag paper and Ultrachrome K3 digital.

As well as these images I have uploaded some to Flickr of the more interesting places we visited.

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It seems for some time my new business card has had the wrong domain listed.
Not to blame anyone in particular but someone who resembles my wife and partner misspelled it to read
We now have registered the misspelling as a domain so that any attempt to find me via that url will land here.
I apologise to all those who found it difficult to find me and thanks to Kevin who pointed it out.

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So it has been quite a few years since I put the site online and with a minor refresh two years ago it was now time to go the full rebuild.

This is the result, a WordPress site with all the bells and whistles.

So far the online shop has some new images but lacks the free downloads. I am working on that.

I am now using PayPal for merchant processing of credit cards but that may change.

Let me know what you think or if you find any errors or omissions.